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Holy Name Undergoing Repairs Before Fire

A fire is mostly under the control of the cathedral, near holy name North Side of Chicago. The church is the seat of the Catholic Archdiocese of Chicago.

Chicago firefighters fire started this morning. A Department spokesman said that was almost finished when the last “hot spots” in the church. The fire was in the attic of the cathedral. Dan Mayall is the pastor at Holy Names. He said that since last year to support the church.

Mayall: We have fully operational since late August, but the repairs have been this time, and was expected to discuss since, and which was scheduled for discussion until the August this year. Here is where we now sit. I do not know the cause of the fire, ie if there is something in relation to the repairs or not.

Mayall said he and fifteen other evacuees from the rectory and the convent of the church. He said that over 4,500 families in the holy name of each week.


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