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Read this update from today 02/02/09!

Just 10 days into the amazing Push Button Xtreme system that is sweeping the Internet world wide… and there’s no slowing down in site!

Push Button Xtreme is approaching 5,000 active members in just 10 days, we’ve surpassed $250,000 in commissions due on our first pay cycle this Friday,1200 members cycled in the EXTREME Matrix today alone… what more can we say!

The success of this program has been outstanding for so many people on so many levels. And it’s only going to get better from here!!

Speaking of the EXTREME Matrix, our in-house technical staff is quickly developing a very exciting flash video of the EXTREME Matrix. This video is designed to help you better understand how the matrix works. As soon as it’s ready we’ll announce it team wide.

We are also working on a visual display of the actual EXTREME Matrix itself. With this helpful tool you will be able to see where YOU are in the matrix, as well as members above and below you.

Today we uploaded more written explanations of the EXTREME Matrix to help you get a better understanding of how it works as you wait on the launch of the flash video.

The EXTREME Matrix is hands down the most unique matrix you have ever been a part of. It’s a unique, on-of-a-kind that cannot be matched.

How is the EXTREME Matrix different from ALL others?

First off your position in the matrix is NOT static. This means your position in the matrix is always moving. As members cycle, get paid, and are pulled out of the matrix to re-enter at the bottom, your position gets shifted up towards the top where YOU will cycle, get paid, and re-enter.

Second, this is a team wide matrix. You have a chance to benefit from any new member who joins and any existing member who cycles. Both could get placed under YOU in the matrix at any time. As people get placed under you, you get pushed vertically closer to the top… to pay day!

The BIG IDEA here is that no one will ever get stuck in a non-producing matrix, stuck in one position that either produce very little income or no income at all.

For the first time in history you are in a matrix that gives EVERYONE the equal opportunity to hit the TOP and get PAID! For the first time in history you are in a matrix that doesn’t just heavily benefit the first few members who joined. For the first time ever you are in a matrix that doesn’t ask you to just sit idle in a permanent position hoping and waiting to get paid.

YOU are in the EXTREME Matrix, and YOUR position is ALWAYS on the move, moving towards the TOP!!

If you hadn’t “gotten it” yet perhaps you got it now… a company wide, team wide matrix is a truly powerful thing… and YOU’RE in one!!

In closing, keep an eye out for an update about the EXTREME Leader Pools located in the Money Manager –> Current Commissions section. Pretty soon those Pools will be displaying real time numbers.

EXTREME Leader Pools are comprised of 10% of total monthly product sales volume, and although we launched towards the end of January those numbers are going to be HUGE this month!


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