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Mistakes Were Unintentional

We believe it is an explanation for the many innocent tax … how can you easily dies … Irregularities, which apparently dates to the various plague Obama was throwing Committee for confirmation. Any declaration. Unfortunately, we are afraid that the Declaration really is that easy is full of Washington thieving tax cheats in such numbers that you are not in a drill without a dart in the temple.

And if we look at the prospect of this deal so that (unintentional) scofflaws day, it could not be more entertaining with explanation? The accidental is always something familiar, and less credible is if your “accidental” ends as an error in the amount of $ 147000th $ 250 is the “unintentional. $ 147,000 soit intentional, or a reference to the fact that you should not, where in the vicinity of the national purse strings.

There can not be the people’s representatives note to find out the swampy soit tax filings (cynical exploitation or have the benefit of the self-complexity), it is not time to move to a flat tax? Shifting all of these funds currently in preparation tax might not be a bad thing. Comptables complain, but in the current populist outcry class warfare (Enron with people and in the memory-) listen mourir? Plus, has the advantage of additional legislation on the prevention of fiscal policy. Oh, and we will not be heard, and how Tim and Tom Excuse the blame Turbo Tax. Advantage that only our vote seal.


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