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Kent Whitaker: Whitaker forgives son Bart

Kent Whitaker is one of the guests of the Oprah Winfrey Show today, Monday 10 October. Kent Whitaker talks about his new book about his son, Bart Whitaker. Kent Whitaker wrote his book about his son, Bart Whitaker, who hired a killer to kill his wife and son. Kent Whitaker survived the shooting in Sugar Land, Texas, in December 2003. Kent Whitaker says: “The murder of the family” to its tragedies. Kent Whitaker wrote about his son and to forgive the man hired gun.

Bart asked his roommate Whitaker, Chris Brashear, to kill his mother, father and brother, to collect money from insurance.

Kent Whitaker lost his entire family, but God prayed that beard alternative Woud death. His son, Bart Whitaker, was sentenced to death in 2007.


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